Why People Love Nutella So Much? Best Chocolate Spread Ever

We love Nutella because it might be the best thing that has ever happened in food industry. So basically, Nutella is a choco spread made up of sugar, hazelnut and of course THE CHOCOLATE!!!! Chocolate contains addictive elements which are involved in regulating mood and causes feelings of attraction and excitement and the same reason makes us go crazy for it.

The tale of its origin says that Napolean and Hitler are the Karta dharta of its worldwide obsession. In 1806, Napolean tried to stop the British trade and as a result, the prices of chocolates were touching the sky. Now, the chocolatiers started adding chopped hazelnuts in the chocolates to raise the supply and here when the obsession started for this deliciousness. After some time in the World War II the same thing happened i.e the chocolate became expensive and a cake maker turned hazelnut into a savior, later in 1964, it was renamed as NUTELLA.

Why I love Nutella
Why I love Nutella

Another reason counts that it goes with everything and sells like hotcakes. Nutella pancakes, Nutella waffle, Nutella donuts, Nutella cupcakes, Nutella brownie, Nutella this Nutella that and as we are Indians so why not Nutella paranthas. Well, it is not easy to claim that Nutella is good for health in real or not. Some say it involves some vitamins, minerals, and fiber which controls the cholesterol. Hazelnut which enhances the health of heart but sugar content and fats are the major shortcomings. Despite its limitations it is loved by everyone.

Here are 4 fun facts about Nutella:

  • You could circle the world 1.8 times with the amount of Nutella produced in one year.
  • You could cover the Great Wall of China 8 times with the number of jars of Nutella sold worldwide in a year.
  • There are so many jars of Nutella made each year, that they would line the banks of the Danube 26 times over. That’s a river so long, it flows through 10 different countries!
  • The amount of Nutella produced in one year weighs the same as the Empire State Building.

Source: nutella.com

Nutella Quotes

It makes life a little more bearable yes of course after breakups because happiness is just one jar away!


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