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Counting calories is a way of trying to remain healthy. However, once your diet consists of Indian food then it becomes a bit tougher since most apps don’t have Indian food in their information. But this is where HealthifyMe comes in. The information in this application includes all Indian foods. Except for the calorie numeration, there are more alternative benefits too. It has been awarded for two years in a row among the best applications present on Google Play. This app offers you access to India’s largest calorie counter with a large amount of database of over a variety of Indian food to assist you to track your meals together with your nutrition intake, day to day. This app is not only your weight loss coach that helps you to stay attached to a healthy life but also equips you with your nutrition, very own fitness and yoga coaches too who helps you with your diet routines and personalized workouts.

Whether your goal is weight loss, weight gain or to maintain the same to stay fit, healthify me is the complete fitness app. A number of people are experiencing drastic changes and losing up to 2kg within the first month, including personal coaching from India’s renowned fitness trainers and nutritionists. Many hospitals such as Medanta, Sakara, etc. permits this app to incorporate the latest medical science and technology to deliver the best weight-loss and fitness solutions. It also offers premier corporate fitness programs to enhance the wellness of the workers.

Additional advantages of this app:

  1. The fitness and diet coaches are equipped to understand the requirements and plan your workout and diet accordingly.
  2. The fitness and diet coaches are equipped to understand the requirements and plan your workout and diet accordingly.
  3. This app lets you track the number of calories you’ve burnt and how many steps you have taken on a regular basis.
  4. This app also looks into your cravings. After all how long we Indians can stay away from not so healthy food!! And, it always gives you another better alternative against the not so healthy food.

Download HealthifyMe App:

healthifyme google play
healthifyme app store


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