Famous South Indian Dishes Which Tastes Different In North India

North India has its own many tasty and authentic dishes which can’t be replicated. Similarly, authentic south Indian cuisines don’t have the same taste in north India. Probably, the south Indian dishes served in north India were prepared to satisfy the palate desires of a north Indian’s taste buds. The sambhar or dosa that you might have had in the northern region is actually the northern version of authentic south Indian dishes. When the same thing is made elsewhere it undergoes some changes to get fit into the local palates, so the locals like it. Although it’s different but quite close to their taste buds.

Being a south Indian, if you’ll order a masala dosa in Chandigarh then instead of regretting you might think “Oh! So, this is what a masala dosa be supposed to taste like here!”. And, the same situation will happen if you’ll try Chhole-Bhature in the south.

Now, let’s see some famous south Indian dishes which are totally different in north India.


Sambar - Famous South Indian Dishes

Garam masala! One of the major ingredients used in cooking. In north Indian kitchens, it is as mandatory as salt but if you make sambhar by adding garam masala then no south India would ever consider it.


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So, you thought that the south Indian cuisine was all about eating vegetarian dishes served on banana leaves. Well apart from idlis and dosas, south India has a lot to offer. Pandi curry straight from Karnataka made by some special ingredients of Coorg like pepper, birds eye chili, Malabar tamarind, cardamom, and chicken. One just can’t make its replica.


mango pickle

Well, pickles taste a lot more different in northern regions. A wide range of pickles is there in south Indian cuisine like Avaskya – from Andhra, Kannimanga achar – a specialty from Kerala, Bamboo shoot pickle – from Karnataka, and Thoku – a ‘cooked down’ pickle from Tamil Nadu.

So, by concluding it I would like to say that the south Indian dishes made by the northies might be their version but clearly, there are too many north Indian dishes which can’t be replicated in south India as well.


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