Top Indian Youtube Channels To Subscribe

In this present time, YouTube is one of the popular social media platforms to showcase your talent in various fields like technology, cooking, comedy, dance, singing, etc. The YouTube sensations are the persons who upload their videos on this platform relates to various subjects. The reach and popularity of YouTube have gone far away than any other mediums because of the majority of people simply likes to watch videos of everything. During my board exams of class 12th when I was left with no time to read the whole play, I just saw the movie on YouTube which actually helped me to write everything related to that in my exam. So yea! Thanks to YouTube. Videos always attract people more than written texts but this concept also differs from person to person. Do you know who has the highest fan following on YouTube? No? Here are some Indian YouTube sensations who have the most subscribed channels.

BB KI VINES: Bhuvan Bam or you can BANCHO! Is an Indian comedian, singer, and YouTuber from Delhi. He is the first Indian YouTuber to cross 10 million subscribers. He started his career with a sarcastic video which actually got about 15k views on Facebook and after some time in 2015, he created his own channel on YouTube.

TECHNICAL GURUJI: With more than 8 million subscribers Gaurav Chaudhary, an engineer is another Indian YouTube sensation. His videos have everything you need to know about upcoming or past technologies. In 2018, Technical Guruji was stated as the first tech YouTube channel with millions of subscribers.


SANDEEP MAHESHWARI: Feeling low in life? Go and start watching his videos to get the motivation of some other extent. He has become an inspiration of many students across the nation. He is also the world record holder in photography and just another Indian YouTuber with millions of followers online and offline.

Other most subscribed YouTube channels are:

ASHISH CHANCHALANI VINES: 7.4 million subscribers

HARSH BENIWAL- 4.2 million subscribers

CARRY MINATI- 4.2 million subscribers

Have you subscribed all these?


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