Jalebi – The National Sweet of India?

No craving is bigger than the craving of a dessert. For a sweet tooth, dessert is as important as jackets in the winters. And when it comes to jalebi one just can’t deny to have it. Jalebi – the swirl of happiness is a famous Indian dessert available all around the nation and some other parts like West Asia, East Africa, and North Africa but with a variation. It is prepared by deep frying a batter and then dipped into a sweet syrup known as ‘chasni‘ made up of sugar and water which gives a layer of crystallized sugar.

In the medieval India, this recipe was brought by the Turkic invaders and in the 15th century it was known as Jalavalika. The recipe and the list of ingredients used are mentioned in some sanskrit texts which is somewhat similar to that of modern day jalebi. Just like India every continent has its own story behind Jalebi. Now, very curiously! Is jalebi our national sweet ? Well! There is no such thing like national sweet but here are 4 reasons which say that jalebi should be our national sweet.

Jalebi popular dessert in india


Either before a meal or after a meal. Anytime could be your jalebi time. With Ice cream, Gulab Jamun or even on its own nothing is in comparison. But when the combination of rabri and jalebi is there then it’s just ‘sone par suhaga kind of thing.


It is amazing to know that in the northern part of the India jalebi is taken with milk to deal with the cold and headache. But if you are struggling with concentration problem, stress, and even migraine then you should start taking jalebi made up of pure ghee with warm milk in the morning.


Every important occasion, weddings and festivals are just so bland without it. No Indian wedding is ever complete without a jalebi counter.


It can be bought from any of those local sweet shops across every town and city of India. Its price varies from ₹ 100/ Kg to ₹ 500/Kg depending upon the ingredients used. Also, in this era of getting everything in a click, you can even get them online. So, just keep calm and eat jalebis.


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