Robot Theme Restaurant in Chennai

How fascinating would it be if Robots served you food instead of humans? Right from the time Japanese invented robots to fulfil their daily tasks the people back home have yearned for such an experience. Robots restaurant gives you that. It is a Pan- Asian restaurant where the Robots give you a unique experience by serving you the food. You might miss the human touch but the restaurant guarantees you a once in a lifetime experience. The restaurant specializes in Chinese, Indian and Thai Cuisine. The cost is a little on the higher side but the food quality and service are top-notch.

The restaurant specializes in Indian, Thai and Chinese cuisine. It was earlier named MOMO and later changed to Robot which was just perfect for the way the restaurant operated. It was founded by Venkatesh Rajendran and Karthik Kannan. According to Karthik ” It’s the experience that matters” and we can only nod in agreement. There are 4 robot waiters to serve the food once it is ready. The waiters shadow these robots making it a wonderful amalgamation of man and machine. This is just the beginning of a small revolution which might require less human work and more technological advancement. If the Robot experience brings about a long term change in the food industry it might be used in the other industries as well.

Robot Theme Restaurant in Semmancheri, Chennai

The price is around 1300 rupees for a delightful meal which can be enjoyed by two people. Robots in the food industry are not something new. There are Robots in bars in Las Vegas serving drinks. In Japan, there are robot chefs but for us, it is a new experience. India’s first Robot themed restaurant is located in Mugalivakam Porur Chennai. Even if the adults get bored it can still be a fun outing for the kids in the family.

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