Origin Of Famous South Indian Dish Idli And Dosa

Here is the History of Idli and Dosa. To kick start a day what is the better way than healthy and tasty breakfast in India, we have numerous delicious and healthy breakfast cuisines but if IDLIS are there in breakfast then no one could deny. IDLIS – the round and softly steamed rice cakes, usually served with a bowl full of sambhar and spicy and tangy coconut chutney. These are prepared from a fermented batter of rice and black gram as both of them are considered as the key ingredients. Apart from its amazing taste ever wonder where were these got invented! What is the tale behind its origin of idli and dosa? The place – South India?

Idli Dosa Vada
Idli , Dosa and Vada

NOOOOOO! Well, there are many theories given by eminent food historians. So, the forerunner of idli is mentioned in some ancient Indian books. A food historian contemplated that the modern idli might have originated from the present day Indonesia because idlis are somewhat similar to that of food of that region. In 800-1200 CE the cooks of Hindu kingdoms of the Indonesian region brought it to India. This is only one of the theories, another one says that The Arabs brought them here.! So, according to this theory when Arab traders settled here, Indian cuisine was quite alien to them and they started making rice cakes and ate them with bland coconut chutney. WOAHHH! Indian or Arabian? Many theories and many explanations. Moreover, a Chennai based person celebrates March 30 as ‘The Idli Day’. Okayyy!

Kickstarted the day with delicious breakfast now what about ending it with an amazing plate full of south Indian cuisine. DOSA? Yes! Yes! My personal favorite. Dosa is homegrown of South India. According to a historian it was originated in a town knows as UDIPI around 1 st century AD as mentioned in Sangam literature. The Tamilian dosas were thicker and softer. The thinner version of them was originated in Karnataka. Dosa is served across the country in variations which differ from place to place. Now-days dosas are made up in modern versions such as cheesy masala dosa, chowmein dosa, veggie dosa and many more. Dosa is high in carbohydrates and a good source of protein. As it is made from a fermented batter it is rich in Vitamin B and C too.

Dosa and Idli
Image Source: Raks Kitchen

So, Indian or Arabian! cheesy or authentic! one just can’t deny having these mouth-watering cuisines.


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