5 Best Vitamin D Rich Foods To Overcome Deficiency

What are vitamins? Here are the list of top 5 vitamin D rich foods. Why we consider them as essentials? So, vitamins are chemical organic substances that the body needs in proportionated quantities for the appropriate functioning of its own. Vitamins are classified into 13 different categories – A, D, E, C, K, B etc. But amongst all these vitamin D is categorized as the crucial one.

Vitamin D – ‘THE SUNSHINE VITAMIN‘ is acknowledged as the only vitamin that is produced by the body on its own by exposing it to the sunlight. It is necessary for strong bones, healthy skin and teeth. The only ‘D’ people ever wanted, But on the other hand, 50% of the world’s population has been listed under the vitamin D deficient may be because of the amount of sunlight they get is insufficient.

So, the alternatives which help in this situation are food sources and some delicious recipes for everyone out there with their different taste buds. Here is the list of top 5 natural Vitamin D Rich Foods:

SALMON: For the fish lovers! smoked, roasted, poached or fried it remains nutritious in every way.

SALMON - Vitamin D Rich Foods

MUSHROOMS: These can be added to salads, kinds of pasta, omelettes or chopped into any other ordinary dish to make it full of vitamin D rich.

EGG YOLK: Eggs!!! These little guys are present in almost everyone’s kitchen and people use them in various dishes, but ever wonder this basic breakfast thing is having so many good reasons to have it.!

CHEESE: Most of the people out there love everything extra cheesy! Another way to enrich oneself with vitamin D is cheese because “cheesy dishes a day keeps vitamin deficiencies away”

CEREALS: For the vegans!! wheat, oats, rice, barley, corn, these are commonly used in cooking especially in the Indian kitchens.

When we shun the sun our body shuns vitamin D which by the time may cause many deficiencies in our body like weak bones, poor skin, depression, and poor immunity. It’s important to realize that danger board is near so just toss mushrooms in your paranthas, get eggs for the breakfast and enjoy your meal in the sparkling sunshine to get those levels of vitamin D high.


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