Side Effects Of Eating Maida You Need To Beware Of

Is your love for bhaturas and paranthas suddenly turning into a deep-seated hatred? Why!

Maida or Refined flour is there in every second recipe. Most folks do use maida in most of the recipes as it offers a stronger feel and texture to the food. However, the question is, Is it worth consuming food which offers your food a stronger texture but on the same side, it’s harmful to your body? Maida is nothing but polished and processed wheat. When its consumption is increased, several chronic diseases like indigestion, IBS, cholesterol, etc. also increase.

Using it for an extended amount of time, it has its own consequences on our body. It’s a refined flour from which fiber is been eliminated. Not solely this, it’s further bleached with a bleaching agent, which supplies flour a pure white color and sleek texture. Maida could be a slow poison. First and foremost the direct effect of maida is that it spikes up your sugar level because of its terribly high glycemic index. To match up with the sugar spike, exocrine gland must overwork to unleash insulin in sufficient amount to match up with the sugar. Once in a while, the exocrine gland can manage but if the use of maida is frequent then the insulin production can gradually scale back, finally creating you a diabetic.

When blood sugar level increases, glucose builds up within the blood like such a large amount of standby passengers on a flight. The result is a chemical reaction known as glycation, a pro-inflammatory method that plays a task during a host of inflammatory diseases from cataracts to heart diseases.

High intake of maida will also affect your weight and you’ll soon progress towards fleshiness. One of the most important changes found in modern wheat is that it contains a modified variety of Gliadin, a protein found in gluten.

Apart from these acute issues, it additionally affects your gut health. Maida being low in fiber the gut quality. Fiber is extremely vital because it facilitates and supports for elimination and detoxification processes which are able to keep cholesterol and inflammation away.

To conclude, with this change in lifestyle consumption of maida isn’t inevitable. Refined flour is the one present in every baddie. Make your toothsome paranthas and bhaturas with whole wheat flour as they are the most effective substitutes for maida snacks.


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