Famous Indian Celebrities Who Follow The Vegan Diet

Veganism is all set to be on the top trends of 2019. There are a number of Indian celebrities who keep them away from dairy-based products and animals. Here is the list of Indian celebs who are a part of the veganism and might inspire you to give it a shot.

KANGNA RANAUT: One of the most talented actresses in Bollywood. Earlier she was a non-vegetarian. The Bollywood diva ditched the products based on dairy. As she is very vocal on her, take on a vegan diet.

AAMIR KHAN: Popularly known as Bollywood’s Mr. Perfectionist, chose to change his food habits. He declared to follow a vegan diet in 2015. He took his decision after he saw some videos about the diseases caused by consuming animals and how a diet change can prevent him.

SONAM KAPOOR: The Bollywood actress recently was named the PEOPLE FOR THE ETHICAL TREATMENT OF ANIMALS (PETA) person of the year from India for the year 2018.

VIRAT KOHLI: The captain of the Indian cricket team recently adopted the concept of veganism. As he went through a major transformation. He even admits that his game has been improved since he has changed his diet.

NEHA DHUPIA: The former Miss India decided to save the animals and the environment by adopting veganism. She is even a part of PETA and opts plantbased foods only.

ADAH SHARMA: A life long animal lover and vegetarian, went vegan while shooting for Commando 2. She says she knocked off 20 Kg as since she ditched animal products.

RICHA CHADDA: The model who turned out to be an amazing actress said that “ I can’t stomach the thought of someone cutting a buffalo’s throat, rankings knife through a pig’s heart or cramming chickens into cages so small they can’t even spread a wing, let alone bear to ingest such misery”.

AMITABH BACHAN: The legendary actor of Bollywood also known as the SHAHENSHAH of Bollywood adopted vegetarianism in the 2000s for a healthier lifestyle.

SONAKSHI SINHA: She went vegan to fight against animal cruelty and credits her vegan diet for her speeding up metabolism.

JOHN ABRAHAM: Very well known for his muscular physique, proves that one does not want meat for the protein.


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