Fact Check: Idly And Dosa Can Control Sugar?

Eating Idly And Dosa In Dinner Can Control Body Sugar

It has become uncommon that people have started to move towards a healthier lifestyle. They have started to become aware of their bodies, the problems caused by it and of the more natural remedies to cure it.

One of the widespread disorders amongst the crowd is “DIABETES”. It has been discovered that India has had more diabetics than any other country in the world. There are over 62 million people affected by diabetes. This number is expected to double by 2035. This drastic rise can be attributed to many factors. Few of them being our high-calorie, low- physical lifestyle, genetic susceptibility. All those ghee (mamma’s love) slathered sweets you ate have come back to bite you!

The next obvious question will be how to prevent diabetes or how to take care once affected? The one thing everybody must understand is that it will be a permanent change which is going to redefine their lives forward. Many medical professionals, nutritionists recommend making changing in food habits would more an effective and safe way to fight the battle, rather than swallowing bucket loads of tablets blindly. It is much better to take baby steps instead to suddenly changing your food altogether. And don’t worry, you can still have cheat days! *wink*

Now let’s come down to the specifics of Indian food. Two food items that any Indian (or South Indians) cannot give up are hot, fluffy “IDLIS” and thin, crispy “DOSAS” for breakfast. So, now why would we talk about giving them up if they are so good for you as our families have been telling us all these years? First, calm down people because in the end, you will come to know that we would never ask somebody to give them up completely. Kindly note that they are many more breakfast options out there for you to explore.

Here, we are simply going to lay out all the facts to you, it will completely be your choice to decide. First, both idli and dosa contain raw rice that is not particularly good for diabetes and high sugar levels. They are 70-80% carbs which are the popular stimulators of blood sugar. This may lead to your doctor prescribing against it. However, they do favour patients when they use alternate grains like oats, buckwheat, barley, etc. that have a low glycemic index (GI). Eating them with delicious compliments like the protein-rich sambhar, or nutritious chutneys can also help. One can also adopt other variations of dosa like pesarattu, adai that are made from pulses. Try exploring other options like rotis made with soya flour, toast of wheat bread, fruits, yogurt and many more. At last, you don’t have to give up those pillow-like idlis and wafer-thin dosas.

However small, a change should always with the person’s attitude. Above all, he/she definitely requires the complete support and love of their near and dear ones. With help from them, people can overcome any difficulty and be their happiest and healthiest selves. So, diabetes doesn’t necessarily mean giving up your favourite food and leading a bland life. You just have to work your way around with the already available lip-smacking food! And the best part there can be many cheat days if you eat, exercise and follow a lifestyle suitable to your needs.

Harshavardhini Devanathan

Words make or break people. I'm HARSHA, a passionate writer who believes words can bring about the necessary change in the world.

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