Health Benefits of Ginger Tea

Here is the list of Health Benefits of Ginger Tea. “Ek garam adrak wali chai ki pyaali ho”! Everyone knows ginger and nothing beats the cold mornings of winters like a hot cup of ginger tea. Ginger is extremely beneficial for your health with its high levels of magnesium, vitamin C, calcium, sodium, zinc, and other minerals. Ginger root contains essential oils that have been used in many medicinal purposes. It contains elements like shagaols. You can trace its health beneficial properties all the way from the Sanskrit, Roman, Chinese and, Arabic texts. You may think that you’re just enjoying a cup of tea, but actually, you’re enjoying the advantages of an ancient medicinal plant. A cup of ginger tea a day has the capability to boost your health.

Benefits of Ginger Tea

Here’s is the healthy benefits of Ginger Tea:


Ginger tea improves digestion and had been used as a natural medicine for motion sickness and morning sickness for years. If you feel a bit queasy every morning then a hot cup of ginger tea is all that you need.


Ginger tea can help to enhance your immunity due to the high levels of antioxidants in ginger. In fact, many people use ginger tea as a natural home remedy against infections and allergies.


Menstrual cramps are common symptoms of menstruation and sometimes unbearably painful. So, this one is for all those women who experience extreme pain and may have a condition known as ‘dysmenorrhea’. Try applying a towel soaked in ginger tea on your lower abdomen as it relaxes the muscles.


Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties which reduce inflammation and make it an ideal remedy for joint and muscle problems. Add sliced lemon, a spoon of turmeric and cinnamon with ginger to make a cup of delicious anti-inflammatory lemon ginger iced tea.


Take a cup of ginger tea if you’re suffering from cough, cold or runny nose. And, you can also take a little amount of grated ginger with honey to prevent cough. This imparts warmth inside your body.


Ginger is safe and has no side effects when taken in small doses. Its consumption is the best way for a healthy respiratory tract. It also prevents constant sneezing and allergies.


It contains active compounds like amino acids and minerals that help in the smooth flow of blood. A cup of ginger tea also restrains fever, excessive sweating and enhances your blood circulation.


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