Fruits That You Should Not Eat During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is that crucial period of your life when your body needs care at its best. It undergoes several changes from over hormonal productions to stress. When it accommodates the fetus, it is necessary for you to take apposite care of yourself and your baby. Pregnancy affects your immune system that may cause foodborne diseases. A healthy diet is essential for you, make sure that your diet incorporates right fruits, vegetables, and macro-nutrients. But at the same time, there are some fruits that you should not eat. Especially during the growth spurt of your fetus, the body craves the most, but it is important to avoid them and a sharp discomfort too. Some of the fruits have been known to affect the fetus and may cause miscarriages.

Here are some fruits that you should avoid during pregnancy.


Watermelon is generally good for the human body as it regulates hydration. But if you consume it during your pregnancy then you may expose your fetus to various toxic components. And, as it is a cold influencing fruit which is why it is not suggested while pregnancy.


Pineapple tops the list of fruits that you should avoid during your pregnancy. It contains, an enzyme, bromelain which softens the cervix wall. This can result in uterine contractions, bleeding which in turn can cause a miscarriage. This is the reason that you should avoid the consumption of pineapple during the period of your pregnancy.


It is rich in vitamins and nutrients essential for your body, but not suggested while pregnancy. It can shoot up the temperature of your body and because of the presence of latex in it, the fruit can lead to uterine contractions, bleeding and sometimes even a miscarriage. Besides, the development of the fetus can also be affected by this. So unripe or ripe, both of them are not advisable during your pregnancy.


Well! These innocent guys are not bad for everyone. ‘Say no to bananas’ is only for those women who are suffering from allergies or if they are diabetic. As it contains a large amount of sugar already so diabetic women are not advised to eat bananas. It might be difficult for you to give up your favorite fruits during such a crucial time when your body craves for the best, but remember you’re doing this to give your baby a healthy life.


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