Chapati Vs Idli-dosa: Which One Is A Healthier Option?

The first and foremost diet recommendation created for weight loss is to switch rice-based foods with wheat-based food. There should be a reason for this widespread advice. In the below chart the values are given for one chapati, idli, and dosa tells, the serving size and the calories for one dosa and one chapati.

Serving/cup4 per cup6 per cup

The calorie content appears to be similar, therefore glycemic values would make things clear.

Glycemic values are the measure of how fast any particular food can raise the level of blood sugar inside your body, thereby creating a surge in demand for insulin and hunger. The best Glycemic score for food is less than 55. Glycemic load is the portion size that is multiplied with the glycemic index. The concept behind is, food with high glycemic taken in small quantity will have a similar effect as low glycemic food is taken.


So, according to the above values of the given chart, Chapati wins in this battle against the bulge. And, a surprising fact also comes into the notice that when it comes to the blood sugar levels, dosa is slightly better than idlis.


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