Fact Check: Can We Eat Mango During The Summer Season?

Summer is almost here and so is the season of mangoes. It is one of the nutritious, most loved and tasty fruit. Mangoes are rich in Vitamin C and beta carotene which is known to be protective against cancer and reduces cholesterol content in blood. Since it is a seasonal fruit, usually, it is advised to take maximum benefits of it. However, it is believed that consuming an excessive amount of mangoes can produce heat in the body which means they raise the temperature of the body and cause rash, boils, acne on the skin and even acidity in the body. Besides these, there are numerous health benefits of mangoes:

PREVENTS HEAT STROKE: Eating mangoes can cool you instantly and refreshes you. Incorporate this fruit into your diet in summers and stay cool during the hot weather.

PREVENTS INDIGESTION: The enzymes present in mango helps to break down the content of protein in the body. Mangoes aid good digestion and help to prevent many stomach related problems.

HELPS TO LOSE WEIGHT: Mango contains a lot of essential nutrients and vitamins. Also, loaded with fibrous contents which makes you feel fuller after one mango. It boosts the digestive system and burns extra fat from the body.

REGULATE DIABETES: Eating mango leaves is a great remedy to regulate diabetes. People suffering from diabetes should try this. Boil 4-5 mango leaves in a vessel, soak it overnight and drink the remaining filtered water in the morning. It will not increase the blood sugar level.

SKIN CLEANSER: It is a skin cleanser and does it from deep inside. It treats acne, pores and leaves you with glowing skin.

MAINTAINS CHOLESTEROL: Mango is the perfect fruit that helps to control cholesterol levels as it contains fiber, Vitamin C and pectin.

FIGHTS WITH CANCER: Nowadays cancer is getting as common as cold. It is necessary to find remedies for the same. Mangoes contain some antioxidants which have the capability to protect your body from cancer, especially breast cancer, colon cancer, and leukemia.

So, find out your limit and enjoy this delicious fruit without any guilt.


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