Can We Drink Water After Eating Food?

Drinking water would never harm anyone rather it helps us to fight against different diseases and keeps our body fit and calm. Now, is this just a myth that we all have been listening for years from our parents not to drink water immediately after the meal. First and foremost, drinking a little amount of water before meals can help the body in the digestion of food. Second the thing, sipping water during a meal adds moisture to the food that avoids constipation. Thirdly, the important one drinking water after the meal works against your digestive system kills the digestive enzymes and makes the food harder to digest.

Drinking water side by side with the meal is quite beneficial for the body. Ayurveda also supports this practice. Drinking cold water helps to reduce the ‘Agni’, the digestive fire. Despite diluting the inhibiting digestion and stomach acids, this can actually help the digestion to work more perfectly and helps the food to break down inside the stomach. Also, avoid drinking coffee and aerated drinks while consuming your food.

Water is comprised of about sixty percent of healthy body weight and it is been used by every system inside the body. Water keeps the tissues and organs moist. It is a component of the blood and it helps the body to throw the toxins out. Without water, the body would not be able to function properly. Drink at least 6-10 glasses of water in a day because the body cannot work without water for many hours!

Now, drinking water immediately after any meal directly affects the food quality and digestive strength of the body. Whatever you eat, water adds a coolant effect to the food and the chances of this situation get dangerous gets to enhance. And, Ayurveda too does not support the practice of drinking water just after having food.

Conclusion: Drink as much water as you can because the body does not work properly without water. One should not drink water directly after the meal but after 10 to 15 minutes of the meal you consume, you should drink water.


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