Does Drinking Too Much Beer Really Give You A Beer Belly?

Beer is one of the alcohols much loved by people across the world. It is made up of cereal grains such as wheat, barley, maize and sometimes rice are also used. Beer is a part of the cultures of many nations and some festivals. Is beer the culprit for your ‘beer belly’ or just a myth.!Mostly alcohol has been blamed every time for the big fat belly. The main cause for your beer belly might be the calories that you take with it. Beer leads to decrease will power and increase one’s hunger but if we talk about the calorie intake then liquid calories can be intake from any of the alcohol drinks like vodka, scotch, wine, etc then why don’t we say ‘vodka belly’ or ‘wine belly’ rather beer belly?

When alcohol is consumed, the liver tends to burn and this leads to start gaining fat which is what we call as ‘beer belly’. A classic beer contains 150- 200 calorie content. However, when you drink beer or alcohol with some mixers like soda, cola, and juice then you might be taking a box full of calories inside. And, if pizzas, fried chicken or peanut salsa is there then you might be taking tons of calories inside because a packet of peanut contains three times calories than beer. So, don’t blame beer for your belly like laughing budhha!!! Beer does not have any specific advantage but when consumed in a proportionated quantity then it becomes helpful as it protects your body from severe problems like diabetes and heart diseases.

Beer Belly

Being a teetotaler is not the solution of your bulging belly rather a better lifestyle is. Consumption of beer around 60ml per day isn’t harmful but people don’t stop there and later blame beer. So, instead of blaming it start making changes in your alcohol consumption and enjoy its ‘halka halka surur’ because your belly just can’t afford more than that.



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