Indian Traditional Healthy Drinks For Summer Days

Here is the list of best Indian traditional healthy drinks for summer days. The temperature now-days is rising as high as Everest and giving us the major sunbath goals just outside the house. Summers!!!! which brings another level of excitement, yes! yes! vacations but on the other hand a rescue plan is needed to save oneself from the monster known as ‘DEHYDRATION’. So, this time forget about the colas and sodas and try a number of traditional drinks from the gem boxes of dadi’s and nani’s and experience a moment of nostalgia because there is a tale hidden behind every recipe.

“Chubhti jalti garmi ka mausam aaya”

Here are some awesome Indian traditional healthy drinks for summers to get rid of the warmth:

NIMBU PANI/SHIKANJI: This is one of the much-loved drinks and been served everywhere with a little variation with its authentic sweet-sour taste. Summers are incomplete without this as it takes only a few minutes to relieve you from the heat stroke.

NIMBU PANI - Best Indian Traditional Healthy Drinks For Summer Days

BUTTERMILK: Well known as CHHAS! This is one of the north Indian drinks served as both sweet and salty made up of yogurt, rich in vitamin B and calcium and known as NEER MOR in southern India.

buttermilk best drink for summer days

PIYUSH: Piyush the word itself means ‘Amrit’ having its roots from the Western part of India and much loved in Maharashtra and Gujrat, made up of buttermilk, nuts, srikhand, saffron and delightful in its own way.

piyush india drink for summer days

NANNARI SHARBAT: It is a South Indian recipe made up of both milk and
water base and served with plenty of crushed ice and lime. This drink is a
blood purifier and has numerous of other health benefits with delicious

sharbat for summer days

LASSI: Another gem from the North Indian kitchens mainly from Punjab, made up of curd – the sweet lassi. One cannot afford to say no to it not only because of its tempting taste also the health benefits it has – aids digestion, the source of probiotic, maintains strong bones.

lassi for summer days

AAM PANNA: A refreshing drink made up of raw mangoes (‘Kairi’), sugar, salt, and fresh mint. It is renowned as heat resistant as well as rich in nutrients, enhance the immunity, protects eyes, prevents cancer and many more.

Mango juice for summer
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Now, who wouldn’t love to drink all these over colas to wade away the stroke of heat and to intake the goodness from each one of them. So, this summer beat the heat with these mouth-watering coolers and relish all those health benefits.


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