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Best Restaurants in VR Mall

VR mall is the new attraction in town. It is spacious. You can explore the mall without any difficulty. A food court is a go-to spot if you want to spend long hours there in the company of good food. But there are dine-in restaurants there which can also satisfy your appetite


Everyone loves a good Mc Donalds and I am no different. Their chicken burgers are to die for. Add fries and coke to the mix and you have a perfect combo. If you are a vegetarian then you can definitely try out the veg options available there especially MC Aloo tikki. If you have kids then they will definitely fall in love with the chicken nuggets meal. They can also grab the cute toys which are a part of the happy meal.

Mc Donalds vr mall

Price for two: INR 300.


Papporotti is located on the ground floor and specializes in buns which are soft and creamy. These are ideal if you are looking for something light to fill your stomach while strolling in the mall. They have those cheesy pasta and sandwich varieties in case you are looking for additional options to satisfy your hunger.

Papparoti vr mall

Price for two: INR 800.


A lot can happen over a cup of coffee. In case you are looking for a perfect coffee date then Starbucks is your spot. They have expressos, lattes and cold coffee which are ideal for long conversations with your date. There are cookies and sandwiches which are available as quick bite options.

starbucks vr mall

Price for two: INR 700

The Brew Room

Do you know what’s special here? The Brew Room’s handcrafted Turkish coffee is one of a kind. They also have different varieties of tea along with Cappuccinos. The best of the lot is the specially made hot chocolate which is heaven for the taste buds. You can also try out their all-day breakfast menu which includes waffles, pancakes and the delightful carrot cake.

brew room vr mall

Price for two: INR 1100.

Taco Bell

In case you are looking for something different and unique Taco Bell is a must-try. You can pick and choose from the tacos and burritos that are available. The soft drinks that are served unlimited. If you have to pick the best of the lot it is the spicy naked chicken.

TACO BEll vr mall

Price for two: INR 550.


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