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5 Best Online Grocery Shopping Apps in Chennai

Food delivery apps now deliver groceries due to COVID-19

Grocery shopping? Have no time to shop for groceries? Juggling between shops to get all the groceries that you needed? Weekends are the only free time, got to rest and rejuvenate yourself? Instead of standing in a big queue for billing? To all those who have jam-packed schedules, now need not spend time thinking about going for grocery shopping when it can be delivered at your doorstep. You just need a few good apps in your mobile/ tab to suit your needs and in only a few clicks away the needed groceries are in your doorstep.

We know Chennai is the fastest growing economy, adapting all sorts of technology throughout the time. Online grocery shopping in Chennai may be a rapidly growing business over the years. Apart from the experience, the app also provides offers and various payment options for a user. The entire process is time-saving, stress-free, straightforward to use, that any layman who has an operating knowledge of smartphone can use.

Here are the few hottest and user-friendly online grocery apps in Chennai;

1. BigBasket

Big basket is the hottest app-based supermarket in Chennai. It delivers almost all groceries “ you say it they have it all” from fresh veggies to all provisions required for a family. The newly introduced subscription options, the BBstar membership gets quite good discounts and priority delivery that’s absolutely free. A normal subscriber gets 90 minutes of scheduled delivery or next day delivery. This information will be given in the app when the order is complete. Apart from the delivery they also have very good customer service, in which a query raised by a customer will be solved with 24 hours of time.

Bigbasket also provides seasonal offers such as Diwali discounts, Ponal discount and never the less weekend and weekday discounts too. On the scheduled day and time you could just wait to see a big basket van at your doorstep to deliver your order. Oh! now wait, Don’t forget to carry a bag.


In crux Big basket has:

  • All grocery (including organic) products Availability.
  • Easy interface.
  • Multiple payment modes.
  • Variety of discounts.
  • Free delivery for orders above Rs.1200 for normal members.
  • No questions asked for returns.

Note: Due to Coronavirus outbreak grocery apps providing limited services.

App available in Android and iOS

2. Grofers

Grofers is one of the prominent grocery shopping apps in Chennai. They are true as a competitor of BigBasket. They claim super savings ka supermarket. This also acts as a single app for daily needs. Gofers is also proud of its engineering which encouraged them to start a blog Lambda – learn all about engineering at Grofers that shares stories that would give you an insider look into the tech and people that run Grofers, giving its members a transparent service.

Grofers also provides seasonal and great offers. They also provide service at membership basis with its Smart Badcht Club subscription, which promises double the savings of your regular grocery purchase. By using the mobile app and shop the products to get, the corporate delivers the item to your doorsteps. What’s stopping you, start ordering.


Main Features:

  • Cash-back on delivery slots.
  • 100% return and exchange policy.
  • Easy search options.
  • Free delivery above 1500 for normal members.
  • Easy returns.

Note: Due to Coronavirus outbreak grocery apps providing limited services.

App available in Android and iOS

3. Amazon Pantry

Amazon is one of the most favorite and famous e-commerce portals for shopping, no wonder they run a pantry for groceries after being a big hit in India.  With many customers shopping online in their platform already, Amazon Pantry could reach out to its customers within a quick span of time. They provide exclusive offers and deals of the day offers also. The main advantage of the platform is that they serve products across Chennai unless other companies. The delivery charge is Rs 30 for Prime customers and Rs 59 for non-Prime customers. It is suggested to have an amazon prime account to get the best benefit of the pantry. Amazon pantry gives two days delivery facility.

amazon pantry

In Crux Amazon pantry has:

  • Easy mode of Purchase, as we already have experienced in the Amazon shopping portal.
  • An outsized number of Category.
  • Various Payment Modes.

Note: Due to Coronavirus outbreak grocery apps providing limited services.

App available in Android and iOS

4. Flipkart Supermart

Flipkart being our homeland E-commerce app is one of the leading online shopping apps in India. It has the advantage of its already existing customer base all over India. Nevertheless, Flipkart offers large discounts as it does in its eCommerce shopping portals like the large Billion Sale and other festival sales. The huge attention-grabbing among the customers is that Flipkart is delivering its grocery for even at a low price of Rs.1 for specific products and more of such category exists within the platform.

Flipkart supermart

In crux Flipkart supermart has:

  • Vast Number of Products to browse.
  • Good delivery.
  • Multiple Payout Options.
  • Ten days of the return policy.
  • Free delivery above Rs. 1250 for normal members.

Note: Due to Coronavirus outbreak grocery apps providing limited services.

App available in Android and iOS

5. Dunzo

Dunzo is another Indian app with direct investment by Google for the first time in India. One of the coolest portals that connect you to the closest delivery partner. Any emergency delivery or to pick up the purchased items, from grocery shopping to your forgotten charger need not worry, Dunzo got it all. Food from that great restaurant faraway from your house that you always longed for, Hot tiffin box to be delivered right from your kitchen to office or maybe just to give a gift to your good friend on his birthday at midnight, where you will not be able to reach – fret not! it’ll roll in the hay for you.

Main Features:

  • Fast 3 hours of door delivery.
  • Quick Online service & returns.
  • Easy to purchase and easy to pay.
  • Promised safety to the products.
  • 24/7 services.

Note: Due to Coronavirus outbreak grocery apps providing limited services.

App available in Android and iOS

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