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Top 10 Vegetarian Restaurants in Chennai | Best Pure Veg Restaurants

Here is the list of best Vegetarian Restaurants In Chennai. India is a place of diversities, and Chennai, one of the metro-cities is no different. It offers a wide range of culinary delights to vegetarians, be it in the form of a Veg Thali (or, meals as known to the locals) or in the form of the good old idli-dosa. But those who think Chennai doesn’t have any vegetarian-only places to eat, they are in for a shock. To find out the many restaurants in Chennai offering their services to the Vegetarian customers, read on-

1. Annalakshmi

 Annalakshmi -Vegetarian Restaurants in Chennai

This restaurant is located near Rani Meyyammai Hall, Egmore. This restaurant is managed by a Non-Profit Organization with full of volunteers. You can find both south and north Indian dishes. Must try dishes are sevai payasam, paneer palak and Mysore masala dosa. It will cost around Rs.1000 for two people.

2. Cream Centre

Cream Centre -

It is a Mumbai-based chain which opened its restaurant in Chennai a few years back and is still as popular as ever. It is located at Nungambakkam, RA Puram, Anna Nagar, Vadapalani. It has become a bit costly as of late, but its Chole Bhature and nachos are culinary arts. They serve mainly North Indian, Italian and Mexican. It will cost around Rs. 1600 for two people.

3. Kaidi Kitchen

It is a jail-themed restaurant, which makes for an interesting dining experience. It is located at Mylapore and serves a wide range of cuisines from Italian to Thai to Lebanese. It will cost around Rs. 1500 for two people.

4. Fusilli Reasons

It is a tiny joint which serves pasta at low prices and soft-drink in little glass bottles. It has become increasingly popular among the young generation and is located at Kilpauk. It serves Italian and costs around Rs.300 for two.

5. Kailash Parbat

Kailash Parbat is also a part of a Mumbai-based chain of restaurants. It serves North Indian and street food and is located at Chetpet, Velachery and Vadapalani. It costs around Rs. 600 for two.

6. Mahamudra

It is a part of the Isha Life Wellness Centre, where you will find a yoga studio, spa and restaurant. It is located at Mylapore and serves South Indian vegetarian food all day long. It also has an art and crafts boutique and seating in multiple places and costs around Rs. 700 for two.

7. Pind

It has a dhaba-like ambience and a suitable rustic look and feel. It is Velachery’s favourite for North Indian and Punjabi food. It costs around Rs. 800 for two.

8. Mathsya -Vegetarian Restaurants in Chennai (Midnight)

This restaurant is the only restaurant which stays open till 2 am. It is located at Egmore and serves delicious hot food even at late nights. It costs around Rs. 500 for two. Mathsya is famous for Rocket dosa this restaurant is must try dosa lovers.

9. Delhi Highway

This place is new to the Chennai food scene and serves North Indian and street food. It is located at Nungambakkam and Egmore and costs around Rs.600 for two.

10.Little Italy

It is a reliable restaurant for the vegetarians where you know you can go to for some good old pasta or pizza. It is located at Besant Nagar, Anna Nagar and ECR and costs around Rs. 1300 for two.

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