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Best food delivery apps in Chennai in today’s world, everything has become easily available online, where food will reach to your doorstep just by a few touches on your phone; there are times when you feel really lazy, or when there are some surprise guests, or maybe you’re working late at the office… there can be several not so problematic problems but we have the right solutions! FOOD DELIVERY APPS! All you’ve to do is just download the application, order your favourite food from your favourite restaurant, choose if you’ve to make an online payment or if cash on delivery works fine, sit back on a comfy sofa and wait for some delicious dishes. That’s all!

But at the same time, there are several mobile applications for food delivery which might confuse you at times that which one is the best. So here we’re up with the best ones among these apps. Have a look!

1. Swiggy – Best Food Delivery App in Chennai

Hungry? Unexpected guests? Cooking gone wrong? Swiggy is the answer! It is one of the top-rated food delivery apps in India, based out of Bengaluru. Swiggy was started with the thought of supplying good food just by ordering and delivering from the nearby restaurants to the people. They have a tie-up with almost all restaurants and also receive payments online. Food from a wide range can be ordered and delivered to your home just by a single window!

App available in Android, iOS

2. Zomato

Founded by Deepak Goyal and Pankaj bhardwaj in 2008. With over 10,000 cities and 24 countries including India, Italy, USA, Brazil and more! Zomato is been rated as the best food delivery app. They feature some details line menus and photos of a restaurant along with ratings and reviews of users. Online and cash on delivery, both the payment methods work. Plus, interesting offers are always up!

App available in Android, iOS and Windows phone

3. Uber Eats

Uber Eats is an American food delivery application created in 2014 by Uber. You can place an order from their website or app on your phone. Uber Eats claim to deliver food within 30 minutes which is a plus point! They’ve tied up with a lot of restaurants and offer a wide range of cuisine. It has some interesting features like, shows restaurants that are currently opened, provides lunch, breakfast and dinner… also, some of them are 24 hours open! Order now!

App available in Android, iOS

4. Foodpanda

Foodpanda, they have a global network in 12 countries and territories including India, Russia, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Thailand and more, tied up with over 27,095 restaurants. Foodpanda headquarter is in Berlin, Germany. Food can be ordered from their app or from their website. Foodpanda has a review section where people can rate and review food, delivery, taste and other stuff about a particular restaurant. Online payments can be made and a confirmation text is sent to you when your order is placed!

App available in Android, iOS and Windows phone

5. Faasos

Faasos is an Indian “food on demand” company which offers food order placement in its app or on their website. Instant cashback on late delivery, coupons and certain offers are always running! They’re trusted by 15 cities of India and also have made its position in Forbes!

App available in Android, iOS


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